Egypt currency and Exchange Rate

The unit for Egypt currency is the pound (EGP; symbol E£) = 100 piastres. Notes are in denominations of E£100, 50, 20, 10, 5, 1, 50 piastres and 25 piastres. Coins are in denominations of 20, 10 and 5 piastres.

Since 2007, there are 200 Pound notes circulating in Egypt. There is talk that 500 Pound notes will start circulating. As of the summer of 2009, banknotes of one pound and one half pound are being phased out, replaced by more extensive use of coins. Presumably quarter pound notes will be phased out as well.

Egyptian 1 Pound Egyptian 5 Pound Egyptian 10 Pound
Egyptian 1 Pound Egyptian 5 Pound Egyptian 10 Pound
Egyptian 20 Pound Egyptian 50 Pound Egyptian 100 Pound
Egyptian 20 Pound Egyptian 50 Pound Egyptian 100 Pound

Two interesting peculiarities of Egypt currency are that each note is written in two languages, Arabic and English, and that the smaller the note denomination, the smaller its physical size. The Arabic side of the note has engravings of architecturally and historically important mosques. The English side depicts the legacy of Ancient Egypt, with engravings of figures, statues and temples. Egyptian paper money is among the most beautiful, on account of its color and the use of Egyptian and Arab motifs in its design.

Currency exchange is available at banks, official bureaux de change and most hotels. Banks often have better exchange rates than bureaux de change or hotels. All common international currencies are accepted. The import and export of foreign currency is unlimited. The import of local currency is unlimited. The export of local currency is prohibited.

One-five pound note is a good tip for service.

American Express, Diners Club, MasterCard and Visa are accepted, but generally only in bigger hotels or restaurants in Cairo and restaurants in tourist areas. You may avoid additional exchange rate charges by using traveller's cheques in US Dollars, Euros or Pounds Sterling.

Ticket Prices (in Egyptian Pounds) at Egypt's most popular Tourist Attractions (Source: Luxor News)

Tips from INFOHUB

Money exchange in Egypt poses little trouble as long as you stay in large centers. Smaller places will seldom have banks, exchange shops or black markets. One isnít normally supposed to pay a commission when changing money. However, one should keep in mind that exchange rates at the main Egyptian banks (Bank of Alexandria, Banque Misr, Banque du Caire and National Bank of Egypt) and Forex bureaux (the generic term for private exchanges) vary enough to make a difference to people changing a lot of money at once. As a rule of thumb, Forex bureaux offer the best rates for cash, but may not take travelers' cheques; the transaction is also faster than in banks, where forms are passed among a bevy of clerks and counters. Forex bureaux are largely confined to Cairo, Alexandria and the Canal Cities. The fractional difference between the black market and the official exchange rates offers zero incentive to deal with (possible) rip-off artists or agentsí provocateurs. That said, you might find it expedient to change some cash unofficially in the Sinai or the desert oasis, where banks are thin on the ground, and the risk factor is lower.

Price / Tour Site

EGP 20 / Abu Seir Pyramids
EGP 80 / Abu Simbel Temples
EGP 25 / Akhenaten Tomb
EGP 35 / Alexandria National Museum
EGP 30 / Aswan Museum
EGP 25 / Ay Tomb
EGP 45 / Bahareia Oasis
EGP 30 / Beni Hassan Tombs
EGP 05 / Causeway Of Unas Pyramid
EGP 50 / Citadel Of Saladin In Cairo
EGP 50 / Coptic Museum
EGP 30 / Dahshur Pyramid
EGP 30 / Deir El Bahari Temple
EGP 30 / Deir El Medina Tombs
EGP 35 / Dendera Temple
EGP 60 / Pyramids Archeological Site
EGP 50 / Edfu Temple
EGP 60 / Egyptian Museum
EGP 15 / Egyptian Treasures Exhibition
EGP 30 / El Kab Tombs
EGP 20 / Esna Temple
EGP 100 / Great Pyramid of Khufu
EGP 40 / Greco-Roman Museum
EGP 35 / Hawara Pyramid
EGP 40 / Islamic Art Museum
EGP 65 / Karnak Temples
EGP 30 / Kom Ombo
EGP 80 / Luxor Museum
EGP 50 / Luxor Temple
EGP 30 / Medinet Habu Temple
EGP 35 / Meidum Pyramid
EGP 25 / Menkaure Pyramid
EGP 25 / Merit Amun Statue
EGP 15 / Merneptah Temple
EGP 50 / Mummification Museum Luxor
EGP 100 / Mummy Room Cairo
EGP 30 / New Tombs At Saqqara
EGP 50 / Nubian Art Museum
EGP 25 / Open Air Museum At Karnak
EGP 30 / Ramesseum Temple
EGP 30 / Ramose Tomb
EGP 60 / Saqqara Archaeological Site
EGP 30 / Second Pyramid (Khafre)
EGP 50 / Solar Boat Museum
EGP 25 / Sultan Hassan Mosque
EGP 30 / Tel El Amarna
EGP 50 / Temple Of Philae
EGP 35 / Temple Of Kalabsha
EGP 25 / Oracle Of Amen at Siwa
EGP 30 / Temple Of Seti the First
EGP 100 / Tomb Of Nefertari
EGP 25 / Tomb Of Menna And Nakht
EGP 50 / Tomb Of Rameses VI
EGP 100 / Tomb Of Tutankhamun
EGP 15 / Tombs Of Roy and Sheroy
EGP 30 / Unfinished Obelisk
EGP 80 / Valley Of The Kings
EGP 35 / Valley Of The Queens




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